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Tips for Camping on the Beach

Need some simple tips for camping on the beach? If you’ve ever thought about camping on the beach, or maybe even tried it before, there are some details to be aware of. This type of camping experience is unlike your normal camping in the woods adventure. Instead, you get to wake up to the sounds of water and most likely a view of water as well. Furthermore, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

But before you go, there are some things you might want to know to make your camping trip go as smoothly as possible. Check out these simple beach hacks.

Top Tips for Camping on the Beach

A beach camping trip is similar to camping anywhere else, but there are some specific details to be aware of. First, you need to make sure that beach camping is allowed and second, you need the gear to properly set your tent and have a great experience. That’s where these beach tips come into play.

1.    Proper Beach Camping Gear

beach camping gear

First things first, you need to know what to bring to beach camping to help you have a great experience. Of course, you will need a lot of your common camping gear, like a tent, cooler, food, etc.

Moreover, consider that the beach is a different foundation than most common camping locations. Here are some things you should plan to have.

  • A shovel or tool to smooth out the sand
  • Anchors for the tent (sand stakes or tent weights work best)
  • A tarp or rug for the entryway
  • Reflectors for the site
  • Bucket for water to rinse your feet
  • Campfire Accessories
  • Necessary food and cooking equipment
  • Cooler with plenty of ice and water

Additionally, you might also consider things like sun shades, sunscreen, bug spray, and some camping chairs.

2.    Learn About the Tide

An equally important tip for camping on the beach is understanding high tide and where the tide reaches. Make sure you set up gear far enough back that high tide won’t affect your camping location. Besides, you certainly don’t want to wake up to water in the tent. This could be extremely hazardous. Check for water lines or driftwood and seaweed to mark high tide areas. Never set the tent at the water’s edge.

3.    Avoid Sand Dunes

beach camping

Most beaches have policies against beach camping directly on top of sand dunes. This is something you will want to check out. Sand dunes often look like a nice spot. However, they have vegetation that could be harmed if you camp on top of them.

Sand dunes are restricted for camping and you should be very careful to avoid camping on them. They protect the sand, vegetation, and even some animals too.

4.    Try a Plastic Sled for Transport

One of the best tips for camping on the beach that you need to pay attention to is using a plastic sled. When you’re walking from your vehicle to the beach, it can be quite a hike. You’re tromping through sand and dirt and you could get tired quickly.

This is a highly recommended solution from the seasoned campers. Additionally, it can help haul gear without worrying about the sand holding you back.  

5.    Smooth Out the Area

When you’re setting up the tent and preparing your campsite, we recommend smoothing out the area first and then proceed with the set up . A shovel, rake, or even a piece of wood can help you do this. Besides, it doesn’t have to be perfectly level but if you smooth it out, it will make camping more comfortable.

You smooth the sand for your sleeping comfort but also to provide a more level foundation to set the tent on.

6.    Try to Keep Sand Out of the Tent

Beach Tent Tarp

Finally, it’s really easy to get a lot of sand in the tent. You’re walking around in sand all day and likely have it all over your feet and clothes. But you don’t want to end up with sand everywhere inside the tent too. You can do a few small things to help prevent this.

In our list of beach camping gear, we mentioned an entryway tarp and a bucket of water. You might also consider bringing a travel-sized broom and dustpan. If you set up a rug or tarp at the entryway, you can use this to clean off your feet before entering the tent. It’s like a welcome mat.

Furthermore, you can also use that bucket of water to rinse your feet off. Just have a towel to dry them as well.

Enjoy Your Beach Camping Trip

Beach camping is a lot of fun and there are some spectacular viewpoints to enjoy. Just be sure you know the rules for the beaches you plan to camp at and then follow them accordingly. With these tips for camping on the beach, you’re going to have a wonderful experience! Liked what you just read? Check out my deep-dive with guides and tips on the beach camping