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The Best Travel Trailers of 2022

Camping is one of the world’s most popular recreational activities, and having one of the best travel trailers makes it all the more enjoyable! If you are a tent camper, it’s time to explore a new, exciting option. 

The Advantages of Travel Trailers

Travel trailers offer an organized place for your camping gear that you won’t have to repeatedly pack and unpack. In addition, they also provide better protection against the elements than a tent. Many of the best travel trailers have power and water systems. Some also have numerous other conveniences built right in like kitchens, beds, tables, bathrooms, and even shade awnings. 

RVs offer those features too, but RVs are also vehicles. RVs are more complicated as well as more expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain. A travel trailer, on the other hand, is a more affordable piece of equipment that you tow behind the vehicle you already have. Overall, travel trailers are a fantastic option when you want something that provides more comfort and amenities than a tent, but not all the complexities and additional expenses that come with RVs. 

Qualities of the Best Travel Trailers

Now, don’t get us wrong—we adore camping in every form! But it’s easy to understand and appreciate the appeal of a travel trailer. Shopping for one can be a daunting task, however. There are several manufacturers out there clamoring for your attention. So, what makes a brand stand out in our book? Thoughtful design, quality, reliability, market longevity, value, and responsive customer service, too. 

Let’s take a look at some of the very best travel trailers around today and the features that inspire us to love them:

The Best Travel Trailer for Two – Deluxe Option: 

Airstream REI Co-op Special Edition

It’s hard not to be impressed with the superior quality of an Airstream travel trailer, and the REI Co-op Special Edition does not disappoint. No only has, Airstream been making luxury travel trailers since the 1930s, but they truly create art on wheels. This small 16 ft. model is perfect for an adventuring couple, with a sleek, superbly comfortable design, gorgeous panoramic windows, and all the elegance, durability, and thoughtful touches this brand is known for. If you are looking for the Cadillac of travel trailers, this brand is the one for you!

Best Travel Trailer for Two

The Best Travel Trailer for Two – Budget Option:

Prime Time Avenger 17FQS

Prime Time Manufacturing has emerged in the past decade as a brand worthy of our attention. Priced to accommodate a smaller budget, the Avenger is a model that nevertheless comes through with exceptional quality and comfort. We love the spacious, comfortable seating, queen bed, counter space, large fridge and freezer, and double wardrobes on this model. At less than 22” long and a dry weight of only 3,014 lbs. this piece is energy efficient and light enough for even an SUV to tow. It’s a winner, and a real bargain for the price!

The Best Travel Trailer for Two – A-Frame Style:

Aliner Expedition

Aliner is a pioneer manufacturer of the A-frame style camper, and their years spent perfecting the design really show in this beautiful model. The Expedition packs a lot of great features into its compact 18 ft. length. It weighs under 3,000 lbs. but has excellent living space, storage, and amenities such as power, water, heat, and kitchen equipment. Small campers with bathrooms, especially A-frame styles, are hard to find, but this one has a bathroom, too. It is the ideal size for two, but even has convertible beds that will accommodate 4 if needed. 

A frame campers have terrific windows and upward height, perhaps better than all other camper styles. They really give you an immersive experience in the great outdoors unlike any other model!

The Best Travel Trailer for Two – A-Frame Style

The Best Travel Trailer for a Family – Deluxe Option:

The Forest River Rockwood 8336BH

Forest River is a well-known name in the camping industry, and for good reason. Their series of Rockwood travel trailers are amongst the very best travel trailers in existence. The 8336BH is a large, expansive camper that accommodates up to 8 people comfortably and comes with all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

This model has a bunk house slide-out for the kids, a gorgeous queen bed that you can even upgrade to a king for mom and dad, and every amenity necessary to make this camper your home away from home. It even has a spot for a washer and dryer as well as a top-quality sound/entertainment system. And as if all that isn’t enticing enough, there’s even a fireplace inside!

The Best Travel Trailer for a Family – Budget Option:

Coleman Light 1905BH

Coleman is a name synonymous with camping. You’ll find this recognizable, trusted name on everything from camping dinnerware to—you guessed it—travel trailers. There are many different kinds of Coleman travel trailers to consider. While Coleman campers may not be luxury models, they offer solid, reliable quality at an approachable price. The Coleman Light 1905BH is an excellent choice for a family of 4 but it will accommodate 6. It has a spacious bathroom, bunk beds, and a murphy bed that makes an excellent couch and easily converts to additional sleeping.

Coleman travel trailers

The Best Travel Trailer for a Family – Pop-up Option:

Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST

There’s a reason why pop-up style travel trailers have remained popular for decades. They fold down to a compact size that makes them exceptionally easy to haul, but expand upwards to give you a great amount of space when fully set up. Beds on a pop-up expand outwards, and you have windows, windows, and more windows! They are airy, spacious, and as close to a tent experience as you’ll get with a trailer. Modern ones like the 1285SST are loaded with fantastic features that will make your family happy campers! Perhaps best of all, these are one of the most affordable travel trailer options as well. 

Happy Trails!

The models listed above are all wonderful, but there are other travel trailer types that you might consider as well. You’ll find many different truck campers for sale, a popular style designed to fit over a truck bed. Plus, there are incredible hybrid travel trailers that have hard sides but expandable beds that fold outwards like pop-ups. (We truly love those hybrid campers. Make sure you check out our upcoming in-depth article on them!) But no matter which travels trailer you decide on, remember that the most important thing is that you choose one that accommodates your particular needs. The best travel trailers of all are the ones that are best for you.

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