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7 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Having some comfort while camping is so important, which is why you need the best sleeping bags for camping. Not all sleeping bags are created equally but we’ve done some searching to really find you the best.

Whether you need sleeping bags for cold weather, the best budget sleeping bag, or just a really great find, check out these 8 really great options!

1.   Coolzon Lightweight Sleeping Bag

best budget sleeping bag for cold weather

This first sleeping bag is the best budget sleeping bag for cold weather. It’s made with a lightweight design but also to be very warm. It’s simple but convenient and it’s really affordable too.

The creators use fluffy cotton with polyester to insulate and make you comfy while you’re camping. It’s a great choice that will be breathable, warm, and waterproof for the occasion.

2.   Teton Sports Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

premium sleeping bag

If you’re looking for one of the best out there, this premium bag from Teton. It’s comparable to LL Bean sleeping bags and is sure to give you the greatest comfort and warmth when you need it.

This particular option does come in a couple of different colors. You can also choose whether you want right zip or left zip, and which temperature you want to maintain. It’s comfortable and will keep you nice and warm too.

3.    Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag

Heated Sleeping bag

Finding quality heated sleeping bags can be a challenge but this Mantuole sleeping bag is worth a look. It’s an electric sleeping bag that uses a USB cord to power up. Paired with a power bank, you can add some extra heat to your sleep time.

This mummy bag is built to be warm and the extra heat is sure to keep you cozy too. It’s lightweight while being durable and soft.

4.    SWT Merry 3-Season Sleeping Bag

3-Season Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag from SWT Merry works well when you don’t have to worry about extremely cold temperatures. If you are camping out during the spring, summer, or fall, it will do nicely and it’s highly-rated as well.

With several color choices, you will find that this sleeping bag is comfy and cozy for the majority of camping trips. It’s perfect for anywhere that temps stay above 41 degrees through the night. You can also machine wash it to keep it clean between trips.

5.    Kelty Cosmic Down Sleeping Bag

If you need sleeping bags for cold weather, take a look at this option from Kelty Cosmic. The mummy shape wraps you in a warm cocoon in cold weather. It’s rated for 20 degrees and has thermal efficiency details for all the warmth you need.

Sleeping bags for cold weather

Even with the mummy design, you will have plenty of space, including foot room. The compression sack envelops you to keep you cozy all night. This is a down-filled bag. The sleeping bag also has two zippers. The first is to keep you warm and the second allows you to stick a foot out if you get too warm.

6.    Jeaouia Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Lightweight but reliably warm, this sleeping bag from Jeaouia is perfect for a simple camping trip with the family. It even has a built-in pillow so you don’t have to pack a huge pillow in your backpack.

It’s a compression bag that is lightweight and rolls up nice and tight too. They have multiple colors to choose from. The bag is roomy and comfy. It’s rated for temperatures over 41 degrees.

Lightweight Sleeping Bags

7.    Oaksys Sleeping Bag

If you like to cozy up closer with your camping partner, this Oaksys sleeping bag is a double. The brand does also have singles available. The double bag has room for two and even comes with small pillows that you can keep with the bag.

They have several different color choices too. This bag is queen sized and allows you to share space and body heat through the night. It’s still lightweight and compact. It’s double-filled so you can be comfortable and warm no matter where you are on the trails. These are best for 41 degrees and above.

 bag is queen sized  sleeping bag

Choosing the Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Now that you’ve seen some really great choices for sleeping bags, let’s talk about some things you might want to think about before you buy. These quick tips will help you make a great selection.

  • Check temperature ratings to be sure you will be warm enough
  • Check the size of the sleeping bag to be sure you will fit comfortably
  • Note the weight of the sleeping bag, particularly for backpacking
  • Does it comes with a pillow?
  • What is the fill material?
  • Do you have color choices?


Having a great sleeping bag is the best way to ensure you will get a good night’s rest. Every sleeping bag has something unique about it so be sure the one you choose will meet your needs. These best sleeping bags for camping are all great options for your next camping adventure!

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