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Hi, this is Sara and Eric and we are on a mission to build a premier online resource for people who love the outdoors. We are obsessed with camping and other forms of outdoor activity and are excited to share this experience with you. We hope our website inspires people to find their passion!

Supercampingtips.com covers three main categories: Camping Tips and Advice, Product Reviews – our unbiased reviews and ratings of camping products that we have used and love, and a detailed list of Camping Essentials. 

Tips and Advice: Simply put it’s a collection of our experience camping and advice we wished we had gotten when we took our camping trip. The narratives/posts are easy to follow and provide detailed suggestions of things every camper should get familiar with before embarking on your adventure.

Product Reviews: Exactly how it sounds – detailed reviews of products that we used and love. We provide an in-depth comparative analysis on a wide variety of camping gear from uber cool Wacaco Nanospresso Maker to the basics but useful essentials like camping lanterns.  We strive for our reviews to be detailed, clearly presented, subjective, and extremely helpful.

An easy to understand laundry list of very important items that your should include in your camping checklist. This category is divided into separate sub-categories including camping wardrobe, tent camping essentials, camping cooking essentials, camp cooking essentials, and a few more.


We hope you enjoy Supercampingtips.com and appreciate your readership. We look forward to hearing from you about our adventures camping, hiking, backpacking.  Drop us a note via our Contat Us page. We also encourage feedback and often incorporate it into the site. Also, feel free to contact us, connect via social media on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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