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Best Tents for Beach Camping 2022

Are you looking for the best tents for beach camping? Look no further! A beach camping experience is certainly one to remember but it will differ from your traditional camping experiences. This is why we’ve put together a beach camping guide You might need some different camping gear to use simply to prepare for those camping situations.

We’ve done some searching to find some great beach camping tent options for you to consider. Take a look at these options as you plan your camping experience.

The 5 Best Tents for Beach Camping

We’ve sorted through the best tents out there to find you not only tents but also even some beach shades that will come in handy for the experience. Take a look at these options.

1.    Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader

The best beach camping tent in our search is this Easthills Instant Shader tent. It’s a large and spacious tent that has an open concept on the front so you can just walk in or walk out easily. When you’re ready to settle in for the night, it closes up tight for security.

If you are using air travel to go beach camping, this option is great because you won’t need a separate portable beach shade for air travel. This can work for camping or as a sun shelter throughout the day. And the size allows you to move your sleeping gear to the back to open up the space throughout the day.

This travel beach tent even comes in several different color choices.

2.    Oileus X-Large Beach Tent and Portable Sun Shade

This next beach camping tent from Oileus is very similar to the first option we shared. It’s not an automatic pop up beach tent but it does set up and tear down very easily still. This one also comes in various colors and it’s about perfect for sleeping up to 4 people.

It does come with tent stakes but you may find it easier to use bags or fill in with some sand stakes just to be on the safe side.

3.    Luxcol Beach Camping Tent

If you want a premium sleeping place and the best beach shade during the day, this tent from Luxcol is a great choice. Much like with the others, you won’t need a separate portable beach shade for air travel. This tent provides the travel beach tent as well as the sun shade all in one single design.

The sunshade has an expanded design to give you up to 40% more room. This space allows accommodations for up to six people. It’s easy to set up and the material provides UPF 50 as well as water resistance.

This style makes the best beach shades for wind thanks to the extended shade design.

4.    Outdoor Master Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent

There’s nothing worse than spending hours setting up a tent but that won’t be a problem here. This Outdoor Master tent is another pop up tent that opens up into a great sun shade during the day and closes up for privacy and security through the night.

The canopy provides SPF 50+ and you have plenty of windows to allow for airflow and ventilation. You can even use the open flap to set up your chairs or add your entryway tarp to keep the sand out.

5.    Wolf Wise Portable Beach Tent

inflatable beach tent

Want something a little bit smaller for your beach camping tent? This option from Wolf Wise is slightly smaller but still offers superior sun shade and an extended wind shade design too. It’s a budget-friendly pick that is highly-rated and perfect for just 2-3 people.

This tent is very easy to set up. It comes with your sand stakes as well as the pop-up poles and ropes. It folds down into a carry bag that is only 17.3 inches long as well.

Choosing the Best Tents for Beach Camping

Now that we’ve shown you some of the best options, take a look at these simple tips to help you find the best tent for your needs.

How Many People?

You need to know how many people to plan for. This will help you decide what size of tent. The good news is that even the 4-6 people beach camping tents are not overly humongous for travel and carrying.

Sun and Wind Protection

Your goal with this tent should be to provide you some sun shade during the day and security at night. You also will want a design that is going to protect you from the wind. Beaches can sometimes get very windy so you need a design that will hold up for all of these scenarios.

Enjoy Your Camping Experience

Step one is to get a great tent. Step two is to find all the camping beaches and start traveling to enjoy them! There are plenty of camping options to choose from and we hope you will have a delightful experience. Any of these tents for beach camping will certainly help!