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6 Best RV Camping Hacks

If you love camping, check out these simple RV camping hacks to help you improve your RV experience and have the best time. An RV allows you to go camping and travel much easier without a tent. But it’s a small space and there are simple tips that might help you do it better.

These camper hacks will have you heading out with a smile on your face, rather than stressing about the trip!

6 of the Best RV Camping Hacks Around

We’ve put together a few simple camper tricks that are easy to implement and won’t cost a lot of money. Whether you need some RV storage hacks or you need camping food hacks, we’ve got you covered.

1.    Forget Bags of Ice

Our first RV camping hack is a great camping food hack. This is one great way to keep things cold and frozen in the coolers without having to buy bags of ice or worry about a melted watery mess.

Instead of using bags of ice, you could freeze milk jugs or even 2-liter soda bottles before you go. Just fill them with water and let them freeze. Alternate them out throughout your trip to keep the cooler chilled but not have melted ice along the way.

Some people also then use these for clean water as well.

2.    Bungee Cords are Magic

If you’re looking for storage ideas for small campers, we’ve got your back. Bungee cords are magic inside the RV and can help you easily store and secure things in even some random places. Just load up on some bungee cords and use those to keep cabinets closed or keep things in place when you’re on the move.

Trust us, this will save you frustration later from a jumbled mess inside the RV.

storage ideas for small campers

1.    Command Hooks for the Win

Do you always struggle for somewhere to hang up things like towels when you go camping? One of the most popular camper tricks you can use is commond hooks. Be sure you get the strong and sturdy ones so they won’t just fall down when you put a wet towel on them.

You can use these inside the camper, as well as outside so put them up everywhere. Hang towels, coats, jackets, and anything else you might need out of the way.

2.    Prevent Pests

camper hacks

Do you ever have to worry about pests like mice getting into the RV? This is more likely to happen when you put the RV away for the colder seasons. However, it’s possible to find those critters when you’re out camping too.

Here are a few things you can do in your RV to help with critters and pests along the way.

  • Place peppermint essential oil on cotton balls throughout the RV
  • Set up motion sensor lights outside of the camper
  • Create a natural bug repellent using lavender, rosemary, peppermint, witch hazel, and water.
  • Stuff steel wool in a tube sock to block holes and keep mice out

3.    Camping Organization Hacks

Now, you probably already know that an RV or camper is a small confined space. But you have all sorts of camping gear to bring along with you. That brings us to these RV storage hacks to help.

First, you can use a hanging suspension rod to help hang your clothes. Some people will stick this in the shower because it can be moved when the shower needs used. You might also have other places to set it up.

Use some sticky putty on the bottom of glasses and anything that you want to prevent from breaking or moving around. You can stick items like glasses or even the coffee pot onto the counter with this putty to help keep it in place.

Grab a couple of totes or even file boxes with hanging folders to help store some things away and keep them in an organized space. You can also use the oven to store a few kitchen items like your dishes, pots, and pans in. Just remember to only do this in a cool oven that is off!

4.    Push Lights and Glowing Tape

camping trailer hacks

In the evening time, or even through the night, it can be hard to see in an RV. One of our favorite camper hacks to remedy this is to set up push lights throughout the RV. Then, when you need a little bit of light, you push it on and it helps where you need it.

Some people also place glowing tape in those poorly lit areas. It will glow in the dark and give you a footpath for your middle of the night movement.

RV Camping is a Blast!

When you head out for some RV camping, these are simple ways to make the most of your space. Try out these RV camping hacks to help you find better organization and to enjoy your trip as much as possible. Where will you go first?

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