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Camper Van Shower Guide

It has become increasingly popular to learn to live off the grid or on the road. When you choose to do so, there are some basic needs that still need to be cared for. When you live in a van or a camper, you need a reliable place to be able to shower. There are camper van shower accessories that you can use to make sure you always have cleanliness available to you.

Check out this simple guide to ensuring you have a shower when you need one.

Choosing to Get a Camper Van Shower

You don’t necessarily have to put a shower in your camper van but it can be far more convenient than having to find a public shower regularly. The good news is that there are different types of kits and design options to choose from.

Some camper van owners even choose to use a campervan outdoor shower that you set up outside of the van with a covering to shower off. You can choose what works for you. Not everyone who decides to live in a van has the exact same needs. Understanding your needs and preferences will be key to deciding whether or not to add a shower.

For example, if you set up your van in campsites and facilities that have showers readily available, adding in a shower might be unnecessary. It takes up space within the van when you’re commonly staying somewhere that already offers showers.

If you tend to stay more in places out in the wild or that don’t have shower and bathroom facilities. A shower may be necessary for you. Think about these elements to determine if a camper van shower is right for your needs.

Using the Right Type of Shower

If you decide to use a shower in your camper van, you need to also determine the best type of shower to use. We will share some great options with you momentarily but let’s think about the details.

Again, you need to consider the types of places you stay in the van most often. If you’re staying in the mountains, wilderness, and other less populated areas, an outdoor shower saves you a lot of hassle and moisture inside the van.

However, if you’re staying in town in urban or even suburban areas a lot, an outdoor shower probably isn’t the best choice. You’re covered in the shower but it’s far less private and might cause some discomfort for you and anyone else nearby.

Think about these elements.

  • The space for a shower inside the camper
  • Water heating source
  • Sufficient water tank capabilities
  • Necessary electrical accommodations
  • Indoor vs outdoor shower choices

Camper Van Indoor Shower Options

If you choose to go with an indoor shower or perhaps even purchase a campervan with a shower and toilet, you have several options to choose from.

You might try a camper van shower kit that allows you to just connect a hose to your faucet and shower as needed. These kits have extra-long hoses to accommodate reaching from the faucet to a designated shower area. It also helps accommodate being able to clean your full body and hair in doing so. In our opinion, something like this is the best shower for campervan setup on the interior.

There are several different choices, as well as some that come with attachments so you can connect them to the wall and create a full shower. You will need a designated area, a way to drain water, and the means to keep surroundings dry while showering.

campervan outdoor shower

Setting up an interior shower can be done in different ways. Just keep in mind that you need water, a hot water source, and a setup that allows you to shower without showering the entire van. This could look different in every camper van.

Camper Van Outdoor Shower Options

If you decide an outdoor shower is your best solution, this allows you to free up space and just take your shower outdoors. You don’t have to worry about water in the van but you still need a water source and heat for the water.

There are some campervan outdoor shower kits like this one from Dura Faucet that come in a simple packing box and have a full knob, shower head, and hose that you can use. It just needs to connect to a faucet. You may need to set up a curtain or something for privacy purposes.

You can create your own privacy setup or you can purchase full setups for outdoor showers that come with curtains and the whole nine yards. It’s totally up to you and how you want to make it work for your needs.

Camper van shower kit

You could also purchase a separate outdoor privacy tent. These small popup tents just give you a quick space that you can set up and take down as needed. They work well for shower privacy when they are waterproof.  Check out our deep dive on 7 Kickass Shower Tents, this will give you a better understanding of the different kinds of shower tents that you can purchase

Final Thoughts

When you set out to decide on your camper van shower, you have plenty of options to choose from. Take a look at your setup as well as your needs to determine the best solution. Remember to consider the types of places you stay the most and how you can integrate the necessary pieces to make the shower work.

What type of shower setup are you considering?