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Seven Kickass Shower Tents for 2022!

Camping means a lot of things to different people, but one thing is constant—we all need to clean up after a busy day in the great outdoors. The best way to do that is with a shower tent. 

Whether you are a hiker, a primitive camper, or an RVer, this accessory can definitely come in handy. Showering tents are a terrific way to accommodate the hygiene needs of your camping party, large or small. They are portable, convenient, and undoubtedly, offer you a level of privacy and cleanliness that you will never get from a public shower. They are also a better option than awkwardly trying to shower out in the open. They make an excellent supplement to an outdoor RV shower, too.

How to Use a Shower Tent

For those of you that might be new to this wonderful camping accessory, a camping shower tent is literally a small tent. Some have floors; some do not. They are not fully-functioning showers alone but are used with portable shower equipment that you supply separately (along with the water). 

Your portable shower equipment might be the outdoor shower line of your RV (if you have one), a solar-heated bag shower system, or a portable propane-heated shower system. All those options have their pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which one is right for you. But regardless of the type of shower equipment you use, you’ll have a hose with a showerhead that will go into the tent. With your line in place inside the tent, you take your shower, and your used water runs out the bottom. It’s as simple as that.

The 7 Best Shower Tents for 2022

The latest modern offerings in 2022 are more affordable than ever and loaded with great features. Let’s take a look at 7 kickass shower tents available in 2022:

1. Best Priced: Wowcase 1-2 Person Large Space Shower Tent Pop Up Privacy Shelter Tent

If you are looking for an economically-priced choice, this nice one by Wowcase offers a very good bang for your buck. It is sturdy and has many of the features we really want. It is roomy, tall enough to accommodate someone up to 6 ft. tall, and features a simple pop-up design that sets up quickly. In addition, it also has a no-see-through coating to block UV rays and prying eyes.

In addition, it has windows, an opening at the top for your shower hose, and even a sundries bag that you can put things in to keep them dry. Without a doubt, this is one of those rare occasions where you won’t have to sacrifice quality or features to get a great price.

2. Easiest Set-up: Commouds Extra Tall Shower Tent Pop Up

Sometimes, being able to set up as well as take down a piece of camping gear easily is one of the most desirable features of all. This tent by Commodus does just that. It opens in seconds with just the shake of a wrist and folds down easily too. Definitely, something that cannot necessarily be said of many other instant pop-up equipment. It has some great features, including good height to accommodate taller persons and a mesh top that provides good bug protection, as well as ventilation. Clearly, this simple tent is not just easy to set up, it’s easy to love.

3. Best Durability: Lightspeed Outdoors 3 in 1 Quick Set Up Privacy Tent, Toilet/Camp Shower

When you need a showering tent that is going to perform well in any environment, this exceptional choice from Lightspeed is the one. Its durability is outstanding, with a rugged, PU-coated fabric and strong, sturdy poles. In fact, it is not a pop-up, but set-up and take-down are easy even for just one person. Not only does it have many of the features we want, but it also boasts a handy shelf where you can put a small shower bag. This feature is a big plus when you don’t have a nearby tree limb or a separate pole that you can hang the bag from (a typical requirement when using a solar-heated bag shower system).

4. Best Ventilation: KingCamp Oversize Extra Wide Camping Privacy Shelter Tent

This sturdy offering from KingCamp has superior ventilation, an important factor in making your camp showering experience a comfortable one. Without it, breathing can feel suffocating in an enclosed, steamy space. While many showering tents have windows, this one has two that are strategically positioned opposite each other, creating excellent airflow.

Additionally, if you are looking for a shower tent with a drain floor, this one fits the bill as well, with a nice quality mesh floor that provides excellent drainage. The KingCamp brand is a trusted name in camping gear, and this thoughtfully designed piece is a prime example of why they are so successful.

5. Best Floor Design: Vidalido Outdoor Changing/Shower Tent with Floor

Having a floor on your tent that you can use or detach is a huge plus. On grass, you might not need or want it, but on sand or a dirt ground, you’ll be very happy to have it—because who wants to leave the shower with dirty feet?! This feature-packed choice by Vidalido accommodates either option with a well-made, attachable floor that can be left off when desired.

6. Best Two-Room Design: CORE Instant Camping Shower Utility Tent with Changing Privacy Room

Some showering tents have two rooms, one for showering and one for changing. We love this idea! Having a dry, adjacent room to keep towels, clothes, and other possessions without having to leave them outside or tucked inside a waterproof bag is not only convenient but undoubtedly, also makes it feel more like a functional bathroom. And speaking of which, you could use the second room for a portable toilet, which is a fantastic idea for primitive camping or when other bathroom facilities are not exactly attractive.

(We’ve all used one of those scary-looking, bug-infested outhouses, haven’t we?!) There is just no better way to experience shower tent camping in style than with this fantastic, double-room shower shelter from CORE.

7. Best Overall: The Alvantor Shower Tent with Drain Floor

What more can we say about this outstanding piece of gear by Alvantor other than, perfect! It has all the features we could ever wish for: Its pop-up design sets up in seconds. Its Teflon-coated material is opaque, rugged, and a breeze to keep clean. It has a detachable floor. It’s tall, spacious, well-ventilated, and loaded with interior pockets, a hook, and a nice rope for hanging towels and clothing.

This five-star item is a perpetual bestseller on Amazon and it is easy to understand why. Alvantor has done everything right with this shower tent, and this might just be the right one for you.

Let’s Wrap You Up

No matter which showering tent you ultimately decide upon, you are sure to make your camping experience even better with one of these fantastic, kickass choices! And, in this day and age when privacy, cleanliness, and sanitary conditions are not just a good idea but a real must to protect your health, we hope we’ve convinced you to take your next camping shower inside your very own shower tent.